14369410808807539.jpgXiangyang cohesion lining materials Limited, located in the eastern foot of Mount Wudang Taoist shrines stone flower town, Xiangyu, Fu silver high-speed, 316 and 207 National Road through Habitat and that transportation is very convenient. Founded in 1973, the factory area of 80000m2, is a production, research and development, operating in one of the high-tech enterprises (Note: The company is private). Mainly the production of high quality unshaped refractories and prefabricated parts, in 2003 the rate of industry peers strobe ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification. Leading products for :( acidic, alkaline, neutral) lining materials, coil clay, casting material, alumina plastic, aluminum silicon carbide ramming material, furnace building special equipment, such as hundreds of varieties.

Our Wuhan University of Science and industry, academia, research base, has a world-class research and development center, by a number of experts on the major products on an ongoing performance improvement, so that products will always be in industry-leading position. Production and testing equipment, has a first-class computer ingredients, mixing and filling systems.

Product marketing throughout the country, enjoy a high reputation, casting and metallurgy sector trustworthy supplier, now has more than 2,000 customers. Induction furnace refractory is our expertise, is China induction furnace refractories enterprises, "Silverstone" lining series of products has become the Xi'an Institute of Electrical, Suzhou Zhenwu induction furnace manufacturers and other key recommendation of the brand. Companies adhere to the "honest and trustworthy, scientific research and innovation," the purpose, believe in "quality first, users first" philosophy, and domestic and foreign customers work together, create brilliant.

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